My Bucket List

I had documentation on a previous website but unfortunately I lost the list and the dates I completed them and didn’t save them. Here are some new ones, and ones that I remember. This list is always evolving, and because I had to “restart” there are many more new items on here than old. Let me know if you can help me cross any of these items off!

  1. Move to San Francisco
  2. Move to NYC
  3. Move to Europe
  4. Go backpacking Europe
  5. Go backpacking in Asia
  6. Learn French
  7. Re-learn Spanish
  8. Become fluent in one other language (bilingual)
  9. Become fluent in two other languages (trilingual)
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Get Married
  12. Run a 5K race
  13. Run a 10K race
  14. Run SF’s Bay to Breakers
  15. Meet someone famous
  16. Be an extra in a movie
  17. Cannes Film Festival
  18. Speak in front of a crowd of 30+ people
  19. Speak in front of a crowd of 100+ people
  20. Do one stand up comedy show
  21. Take an improv class
  22. Do a podcast for fun
  23. Sleep under the stars
  24. Interview someone
  25. Be interviewed
  26. Own a house
  27. Get into nursing school
  28. Get my master’s or doctorate in nursing
  29. Volunteer
    SF-CAPC (Safe and Sound SF)
  30. Volunteer abroad
  31. Mentor someone
  32. Join a book club
  33. Give a TED Talk
  34. Get a famous person’s phone number
  35. Start an organization
  36. Fly first class
  37. Fly first class abroad
  38. Bake a French macaron!
  39. Bake a French croissant!
  40. Bake a French chocolat au pain! (can you tell I’m obsessed with French pastries?)
  41. Make homemade noodles
  42. Go skydiving
  43. Go bungee jumping
  44. Take an aerial class
  45. Take a capoeira class
  46. Do a two week road trip across the US
  47. Get a tattoo
  48. Attend the olympics
  49. Publish a book
  50. Do 100 pushups