Favorite thing that flies:

Favorite thing to do when I’m nervous:
This is so gross, but I pick at my lips, especially when they’re chapped. Other nervous habits: shaking my leg/foot really fast, playing with my hair, picking at my nails.

Favorite reason for laughter:
Any reason.

Favorite children’s book:
“I love you forever”

Favorite smell:
I like floral and fruity scents.

Favorite location:

Favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings:
Sunday brunch with at least 2 Bloody Marys.

Favorite food topping:

Favorite type of weather:
Sunny but not too hot. Preferably 68-70 with a slight breeze.

Favorite soda:
Diet coke. I’m a diet coke fiend.

Favorite season:

Favorite class in college:

Favorite holiday:

Favorite cereal:
NOT a cereal fan in general, but it used to be Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles.

Favorite positive affirmation:
“I am strong. I am confident. I can do it.”

Favorite hairdo:
The I-just-woke-up-and-quickly-ran-a-brush-through-my-hair. Simple.

Favorite vice:

Favorite country:

Favorite cartoon:
Justice League. Spongebob.

Favorite breakfast food:
Eggs Benedict.

Favorite beverage:
Bloody Marys.

Favorite tropical fruit:

Favorite TV series:
How I Met Your Mother

Favorite animal:

Favorite utensil:

Favorite vegetable:
I <3 vegetables. So all of them.

Favorite board game:
Life. Clue.

Favorite cheese:
Gouda and Brie.

Favorite sound:
Beach waves.

Favorite sleeping position:
On my back or snuggling with an SO.

Favorite article of clothing:
Black leggings. I’m a midwest girl.

Favorite sports team:

MSU Spartans

Favorite household chore:
Ugh. None. Don’t even.

Favorite life mistake:
Falling in love too fast.

Favorite time of the year:
Summer. Or winter. I like the extremes.

Favorite city:
NYC but I have a lot to discover.

Favorite stress reliever:
Ice cream.

Favorite form of exercise:

Favorite cable network:
HGTV. Renovation galore. I want to flip a house one day. I think I’m an expert now.

Favorite life accomplishment:
Graduating college!

Favorite thing to avoid:

Favorite day of the week:

Favorite electronic:
My cell phone.

Favorite way to travel:
Road tripping with friends.

Favorite compliment:
Heard but not received: “Isn’t she such a vision?” about my friend Ellen at her wedding.

Favorite family member:
I’m not supposed to pick favorites buttttt….my sister (shh)

Favorite thing to spend money on:
Ugh, everything. Clothes. Shoes. Hair. Office supplies. Everything.