It’s okay to be alone

I have this tendency to have heart-to-hearts with my Lyft/Uber drivers even when I don’t feel like it. It’s because my Midwest roots don’t allow me to get into a car and not acknowledge the driver (although I do apologize profusely for not talking when I’m tired…I’m insufferable). We are so busy sometimes that we forget the importance of human interaction, but some of the most random people we run into give us the greatest advice at just the right times.

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I gained 20 pounds in two months and this is what happened…

So click-baity. Sorry guys, couldn’t help myself.

These past two months have been super stressful for me. Among studying for the GRE and applying for nursing school, my fall semester of classes has started. The pressure is on, and I am totally reminded of why I only applied to two undergrad schools when I was in high school…it’s draining. I’m exhausted and emotionally void. The anxiety of “am I getting in or am I getting rejected” is overwhelming, to say the least, and the prospect of not getting into any schools crowds my mind more than I’d like to admit.

In short, I’m stressed as fuck.

TW: Disordered Eating

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Feeling alone in The City

I always tell people that I’m an ambivert, and they look at me incredulously. I talk too much sometimes and I have a tendency to lose my filter. I enjoy being around people. I (usually) like the energy that being around positive people brings me. However, I enjoy my downtime, too. My roommates and I have a good thing going where a closed door = do not disturb, and sometimes I can sit in my room for hours without needing to see anyone else. I’ll lay in bed all day and be perfectly content within the confines of my mind. I go to parties and I socialize, but I have an energy bar and once I hit a “peak” in the night, my energy depletes and I leave early or shut down. I dread small talk, but I’m (apparently) good at it. My roommate laughs when I’m in a situation where I need to small talk other people, because I sit in my room filled with anxiety, fully freaking out, and then walk out and engage as if it was normal and easy for me. Read more