Feeling alone in The City

I always tell people that I’m an ambivert, and they look at me incredulously. I talk too much sometimes and I have a tendency to lose my filter. I enjoy being around people. I (usually) like the energy that being around positive people brings me. However, I enjoy my downtime, too. My roommates and I have a good thing going where a closed door = do not disturb, and sometimes I can sit in my room for hours without needing to see anyone else. I’ll lay in bed all day and be perfectly content within the confines of my mind. I go to parties and I socialize, but I have an energy bar and once I hit a “peak” in the night, my energy depletes and I leave early or shut down. I dread small talk, but I’m (apparently) good at it. My roommate laughs when I’m in a situation where I need to small talk other people, because I sit in my room filled with anxiety, fully freaking out, and then walk out and engage as if it was normal and easy for me. Read more